What impact would a Comcast and Xumo tie-up have?

What Impact Would A Comcast And Xumo Tie-Up Have?

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We all know that the race to deliver a streaming service with the best content at a consumer-friendly price has been on for quite some time now. So, as cable giant Comcast prepares to launch its own video-streaming service, Peacock, in April 2020, add a wrinkle to the mix. Roughly three weeks ago, right before the start of the New …

What AMC Theatres On Demand means for the movie industry

Why AMC Theatres Move to Transactional is an Industry Harbinger

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When AMC Theatres On Demand was recently announced – giving consumers the option to rent and buy films for viewing at home – it was significant for two big reasons: it was the world’s largest movie exhibitor and while there are a few theater chains in other countries that operate on-demand divisions,  it was the first major exhibitor in the …

Guest Blog: An Imperative For Competing in The Attention Business

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Tackling value and friction in global media and entertainment Author: Kate Morgan, Chief Product Officer and Head of Global Media & Entertainment at Magid There’s an increasing awareness of the challenge in capturing the attention of consumers across all media forms. The streaming wars have only quickened the pace of disruption – and made competing an even more challenging proposition …

Old movie law could upend the streaming universe

Obscure 1949 Movie Law Could Upend the Streaming Universe

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As the streaming world continues to capture both trade and consumer media attention, the U.S. Department of Justice made an interesting decision on a movie law that warrants a closer look. Probably only movie buffs or legal historians would know that in the 1948, the Supreme Court ruled in a landmark decision that the eight largest movie studios in Hollywood …

Streaming Wars Programming Costs

[Next TV Exclusive] To Handicap the Streaming Wars, Follow the Money

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last month, the streaming wars are front and center in every news feed you scroll through. Just in the past few weeks, the battle content attention and subscription share has gotten more gruesome than ever. For the past few years, trade industry conversations have swirled around cord-cutters, streaming wars, the explosion of over-the-top video, …

Disney+ recorded 10MM subs by day

Disney+ Wins The Day, For The Moment

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Boy, the PR department at Disney must be a tad short on sleep these past few weeks and months. Not only did they manage the massive launch of their new service Disney+ to huge fanfare, then ran into some slight glitches with connectivity issues (not a bad problem to have on launch day!), only to end the week with a …

Roku acquisition of Dataxu means for marketers

Why Roku Acquiring DataXu Matters for Digital Marketers

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Digital marketers, it’s time to step up your ad game like Roku. This October, major streaming company Roku made a bold move by acquiring DataXu, an ad tool designed to help marketers purchase ads across TV and online. The deal cost Roku $150 million in cash and stock. This latest acquisition highlights the competitiveness of streaming. No longer can companies …

Loyalty Programs Key to CX Innovation

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When was the last time you felt like your recurring business was truly valued? The game of customer loyalty sure has shifted over the years. Everything now is based on who can accumulate the most rewards points or snag the best discounts. But new research reveals that our ways of thinking about customer loyalty are all wrong. Forrester’s 2019 CX …

Add “Multicast” to the Splintering List of Content Choices

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With Apple moving into cinema premieres, and just this month AMC Theatres challenging Netflix with a jump into the streaming wars, the field seems prime with the possibility for more disruption, melding, consolidation and fragmentation, before things settle. Add to that list one more for good measure: the multicast. Major sports leagues, who for decades have relied on exclusivity and singularity of …