Old movie law could upend the streaming universe

Obscure 1949 Movie Law Could Upend the Streaming Universe

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As the streaming world continues to capture both trade and consumer media attention, the U.S. Department of Justice made an interesting decision on a movie law that warrants a closer look. Probably only movie buffs or legal historians would know that in the 1948, the Supreme Court ruled in a landmark decision that the eight largest movie studios in Hollywood …

MPAA: Home Entertainment Consumer Spending Increased 16% YoY

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Step aside everyone else – home entertainment runs the world – and it’s got the revenue to back it up. Data from the 2018 MPAA report shows just how much home entertainment has exploded in a short period of time. Content providers who are most nimble and screen-agnostic will be the ones who win out. This epic shift means more challenges for the marketers …

Survey Says: 90% of TV Consumers Want Better Discoverability

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If you’ve happen to come across all of the new TV platforms choices – from your good ole fashioned MVPDs to vMVPDs, OTTs and streaming services – consumers (and frankly myself after listing them out) feel a need for simplicity, discoverability, and streamlined experience for pay TV services. The proliferation of TV services and content has exploded the last few years. …