What AMC Theatres On Demand means for the movie industry

Why AMC Theatres Move to Transactional is an Industry Harbinger

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When AMC Theatres On Demand was recently announced – giving consumers the option to rent and buy films for viewing at home – it was significant for two big reasons: it was the world’s largest movie exhibitor and while there are a few theater chains in other countries that operate on-demand divisions,  it was the first major exhibitor in the …

Old movie law could upend the streaming universe

Obscure 1949 Movie Law Could Upend the Streaming Universe

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As the streaming world continues to capture both trade and consumer media attention, the U.S. Department of Justice made an interesting decision on a movie law that warrants a closer look. Probably only movie buffs or legal historians would know that in the 1948, the Supreme Court ruled in a landmark decision that the eight largest movie studios in Hollywood …

Apple + Cinema = What Exactly?

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As Apple is wont to do from time-to-time (but not always), a few weeks ago they announced an arguably bold move. Widely reported across all trade and business press, Apple will roll out feature-length films in theaters before releasing them on its streaming service Apple TV+. Unlike Netflix and others, Apple seems to be focused on highlighting their role in …

MoviePass 2011-2019: R.I.P.

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Yes, MoviePass, (no pun intended) passed away last week. After several pivots and different pricing models, a few year’s successful run, the in-theater subscription service start-up is calling it quits. So, why, and more importantly, what does this mean for the movie industry in general and what are the broader implications for consumer consumption of video content? Well, their demise looks …

Movie Studios’ Focus Should Be Putting Butts in Seats At Home

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In 2019, digital content is alive more now than ever. And while social media might be the first thing that comes to mind when considering digital content, think again: Everyone from event hosts to movie and TV studios are pushing toward new and exciting ways to consume content online. Even major players like Disney are starting to shift their focus …

MPAA: Home Entertainment Consumer Spending Increased 16% YoY

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Step aside everyone else – home entertainment runs the world – and it’s got the revenue to back it up. Data from the 2018 MPAA report shows just how much home entertainment has exploded in a short period of time. Content providers who are most nimble and screen-agnostic will be the ones who win out. This epic shift means more challenges for the marketers …