What AMC Theatres On Demand means for the movie industry

Why AMC Theatres Move to Transactional is an Industry Harbinger

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When AMC Theatres On Demand was recently announced – giving consumers the option to rent and buy films for viewing at home – it was significant for two big reasons: it was the world’s largest movie exhibitor and while there are a few theater chains in other countries that operate on-demand divisions,  it was the first major exhibitor in the …

Streaming Wars Programming Costs

[Next TV Exclusive] To Handicap the Streaming Wars, Follow the Money

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last month, the streaming wars are front and center in every news feed you scroll through. Just in the past few weeks, the battle content attention and subscription share has gotten more gruesome than ever. For the past few years, trade industry conversations have swirled around cord-cutters, streaming wars, the explosion of over-the-top video, …

Add “Multicast” to the Splintering List of Content Choices

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With Apple moving into cinema premieres, and just this month AMC Theatres challenging Netflix with a jump into the streaming wars, the field seems prime with the possibility for more disruption, melding, consolidation and fragmentation, before things settle. Add to that list one more for good measure: the multicast. Major sports leagues, who for decades have relied on exclusivity and singularity of …

MoviePass 2011-2019: R.I.P.

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Yes, MoviePass, (no pun intended) passed away last week. After several pivots and different pricing models, a few year’s successful run, the in-theater subscription service start-up is calling it quits. So, why, and more importantly, what does this mean for the movie industry in general and what are the broader implications for consumer consumption of video content? Well, their demise looks …

[Forbes Exclusive] Three Steps For TV Networks To Survive Besides Launching An OTT

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Today, we’ve got thousands of channels of content across multiple platforms, and hundreds of streaming services, over-the-top (OTT) services, subscription videos on demand (SVODs) and seemingly any other random acronym you can conjure up. Many networks are combating the consumer shift by launching their own OTT, but that approach is on the cusp of reaching a breaking point, too. So, it …

MVPD Sites Are The Place To Be For TV Marketers

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OTT has exploded in 2018, signaling the convergence of digital and linear TV. According to Comscore, OTT adoption is up 17% YoY. As viewers watch more digital content, networks have put a ton of time, resources, and money into ensuring their vMVPD (virtual MVPD) customer experience is as seamless and easy to use as their linear one. The emphasis on CX …