Why COVID-19 Makes Owning Your Data More Important Than Ever

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Things tend to happen in threes and adtech is no exception. 1) Recent moves by Apple and Google to rid third party cookies have given DMPs a grim future. 2) The army of walled gardens are forcing advertisers to spend on-platform in order to gain any data or insights from those respective platforms. 3) COVID-19 flipped everything upside down, including …

Isba & PwC Study: ⅓ of Adtech Supply Chain Costs Unattributed

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We keep looking for silver linings while in quarantine, and one of those should be using the time to push for transparency in adtech. An in-depth study into the gaps of the adtech supply chain, by The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (Isba) and PwC, reinforces why this is so important to address now.  The Isba Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study, …

How Coronavirus Is Fueling The Streaming Wars

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Businesses of all shapes and industries are being hit hard by coronavirus. According to a new report from Convergence Research Group, streaming video doesn’t seem to be one of them. This isn’t a huge surprise since we are all at home, but data to support that the streaming wars wage on always helps right? Convergence Research Group looked at 77 …

Wait, YouTubeTV Had a Super Bowl Ad?

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Years ago, only a few ad trades and USA Today would weigh-in on which Super Bowl ads were well-received, successful and effective. Now, with the Internet and social media being an essential free-for-all, everyone and their mother weighs in with previews, rankings, thoughts, reviews and post-mortems. However, a quick look at a smattering of the major reviews, polls and top …

Will Project OAR Succeed at Addressable TV?

Will Project OAR Succeed at Addressable TV?

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When the consortium called Project OAR, led by TV manufacturer Vizio, with the mission to make addressable TV a reality, was formalized at CES in early 2019 and launched in March 2019, optimism for its success was high. Partners included Disney Media Networks (which includes ABC, ESPN and Freeform), Comcast’s FreeWheel and NBCUniversal, Discovery, CBS, AT&T’s Xandr and WarnerMedia’s Turner, …

What impact would a Comcast and Xumo tie-up have?

What Impact Would A Comcast And Xumo Tie-Up Have?

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We all know that the race to deliver a streaming service with the best content at a consumer-friendly price has been on for quite some time now. So, as cable giant Comcast prepares to launch its own video-streaming service, Peacock, in April 2020, add a wrinkle to the mix. Roughly three weeks ago, right before the start of the New …

What AMC Theatres On Demand means for the movie industry

Why AMC Theatres Move to Transactional is an Industry Harbinger

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When AMC Theatres On Demand was recently announced – giving consumers the option to rent and buy films for viewing at home – it was significant for two big reasons: it was the world’s largest movie exhibitor and while there are a few theater chains in other countries that operate on-demand divisions,  it was the first major exhibitor in the …