Roku acquisition of Dataxu means for marketers

Why Roku Acquiring DataXu Matters for Digital Marketers

Jason Wolfson Advertising

Digital marketers, it’s time to step up your ad game like Roku. This October, major streaming company Roku made a bold move by acquiring DataXu, an ad tool designed to help marketers purchase ads across TV and online. The deal cost Roku $150 million in cash and stock. This latest acquisition highlights the competitiveness of streaming. No longer can companies …

How Entertainment Marketers Can Make Their Social Media Count

Jason Wolfson Advertising

When you think social media, you might think of it as the ultimate ground for e-commerce advertising. But the principles of selling goods via social ads can apply to any business, including those of entertainment. That’s right: You can turn social media users into viewers and fans. Looking at the numbers, the potential of social media marketing is astounding: According …

There’s No Debate: Entertainment Marketers Can Take A Page From Political Digital Advertising

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Political marketers are some of the most sophisticated advertisers. Period. Each political candidate has a specific story and vision they’re trying to sell to the American people. Entertainment marketers could afford to take a page or six from their digital advertising playbook. Think about it: The last time you voted, what made you compelled to give your vote to that …