Disney+ recorded 10MM subs by day

Disney+ Wins The Day, For The Moment

Jason Wolfson Streaming Wars

Boy, the PR department at Disney must be a tad short on sleep these past few weeks and months. Not only did they manage the massive launch of their new service Disney+ to huge fanfare, then ran into some slight glitches with connectivity issues (not a bad problem to have on launch day!), only to end the week with a …

Roku acquisition of Dataxu means for marketers

Why Roku Acquiring DataXu Matters for Digital Marketers

Jason Wolfson Advertising

Digital marketers, it’s time to step up your ad game like Roku. This October, major streaming company Roku made a bold move by acquiring DataXu, an ad tool designed to help marketers purchase ads across TV and online. The deal cost Roku $150 million in cash and stock. This latest acquisition highlights the competitiveness of streaming. No longer can companies …

Add “Multicast” to the Splintering List of Content Choices

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With Apple moving into cinema premieres, and just this month AMC Theatres challenging Netflix with a jump into the streaming wars, the field seems prime with the possibility for more disruption, melding, consolidation and fragmentation, before things settle. Add to that list one more for good measure: the multicast. Major sports leagues, who for decades have relied on exclusivity and singularity of …

Nielsen: Engaging Viewers For Longer Impacts Ratings

Jason Wolfson Delayed Viewing

Everything you thought you knew about audience viewing behavior? You don’t have to throw it out the window, but it’s time to adjust your perspective. New Nielsen data, analyzed by The Hollywood Reporter, reveals an interesting and unexpected trend in how audiences consume content: Viewership remains significant in the first three days of the show’s airing, but continues momentum as much …

Apple + Cinema = What Exactly?

Jason Wolfson Streaming Wars

As Apple is wont to do from time-to-time (but not always), a few weeks ago they announced an arguably bold move. Widely reported across all trade and business press, Apple will roll out feature-length films in theaters before releasing them on its streaming service Apple TV+. Unlike Netflix and others, Apple seems to be focused on highlighting their role in …