[Forbes Exclusive] Three Steps For TV Networks To Survive Besides Launching An OTT

Jason Wolfson News

Today, we’ve got thousands of channels of content across multiple platforms, and hundreds of streaming services, over-the-top (OTT) services, subscription videos on demand (SVODs) and seemingly any other random acronym you can conjure up.

Many networks are combating the consumer shift by launching their own OTT, but that approach is on the cusp of reaching a breaking point, too. So, it will be tough for a couple hundred or more services to grow and actually be profitable.

Rather than whip up an OTT, there are other ways digital can be used by TV marketers to survive this seismic shift in content consumption. Here are three of them.

Our SVP Marketing, Jason Wolfson, offers up three steps TV networks should take to wage war on digital content behemoths and risers in this Forbes exclusive. Read the full piece here.

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