MVPD Sites Are The Place To Be For TV Marketers

Jason Wolfson OTT

OTT has exploded in 2018, signaling the convergence of digital and linear TV. According to Comscore, OTT adoption is up 17% YoY. As viewers watch more digital content, networks have put a ton of time, resources, and money into ensuring their vMVPD (virtual MVPD) customer experience is as seamless and easy to use as their linear one. The emphasis on CX (customer experience) for vMVPDs is a new trend, and one that’s bound to flip the mindset of TV marketers. It’s now time to use MVPD sites to drive ratings versus the network site.

So before we explain why there should be seismic shift in digital advertising and marketing strategies for TV marketers, let’s give a quick history lesson.

Why network sites were the preferred digital destination for marketers

Up until recently, OTT and vMVPDs were far and few between. Cable and satellite viewers went exclusively or mostly to linear TV for their programming. MVPDs then deprioritized the digital experience, making their sites…let’s just say a less than desirable destination for viewers. Marketers’ digital marketing and advertising strategy was all about sending their audience to the network site for any and all programming information. However, the ongoing challenge with this approach is the steps required for a viewer to actually watch or record their favorite shows once they arrive at the network site.

Why MVPD sites are the preferred digital destination for marketers

So remember how we mentioned the massive OTT growth? Well vMVPD sites are now an actual utility for viewers, giving them the ability to watch live, stream, and record their favorite content. The MVPD approach of forgoing their website is long gone and CX is at the forefront of everything they do online. It’s being taken so seriously that Nielsen is shortly going to be counting Xfinity Stream towards ratings. And if your viewers are now watching your content with OTTs and vMVPDs, then your marketing and advertising should direct them where they can take the actions of watching and recording. Continuing to send viewers to your network site is leading to a dead end, poor user experience and will leave your digital strategy stagnant.

TV marketers now have an actionable wrinkle to fold into their overall digital strategy, which will boost ad performance and ratings. The lynchpin in achieving this comes down to how they easily send everyone that clicks to their preferred MVPD site. Well you know what? That’s where we come in.

We work tirelessly with our customers to ensure anyone that clicks on their ads, social, and original content gets sent to their preferred vMVPD, OTT, MVPD or any streaming service of any kind. It makes both our clients and their viewers happy, and we like it when people are happy.

To learn more about how we can drive your viewers to their preferred MVPD drop us a line.