Transforming Digital Marketing: Post-Click Intelligence Dashboard

Jason Wolfson Post-click optimization

You want the same thing from every marketing dashboardsomething that helps your team focus on converting more customers and building a great customer experience to retain more of them. Our post-click intelligence dashboard has a treasure trove of unique campaign data that lets you do just that.

The perfect post-click dashboard should provide a huge impact on team focus and achieving goals faster. But only if you focus on creating a dashboard that presents clear and actionable insights for your specific business and you have a plan for leveraging it.

There’s responsibility on us to ensure our dashboard truly being a difference maker.: To have all the necessary data source integrations, offer visualizations that inspire action, and to empower your entire team to find your dashboard, understand it, and use it.

That’s why our new dashboard views were created and rolled out this month.

Post-Click Intelligence Dashboard October Updates


  • Engaged by Country: # of customer interactions with campaigns and tactics by country
  • Engaged by OS: # of customer interactions with campaigns and tactics by operating system
  • Engaged & Routed by Time Series: # of customer interactions and generated routes with campaigns and tactics by date

What does this all mean?

Dashboards are only as good as the data they’re using. This data and dashboard is giving insight into our clients’ campaigns and customer preferences, which can easily be applied to your digital marketing strategy. Because of this, all of our dashboard allows you to observe, react, and improve your campaigns. To get the most value out of any dashboard, you need to put thought and planning into what value you want to get out of it: what data do you want to present, the best way to present the data, and how every visualization can contribute to action.

We work tirelessly with our partners to determine what our dashboard needs to do to set them up for success and make their marketing truly effective. Our dashboard is chock-full of unique and actionable campaign data that cannot be found anywhere else. (Seriously what other dashboard shows customers routed by viewing destination?) So we take the blood, sweat, and tears that go into making it an essential tool to marketers very seriously.

Tune in next time where we’ll get into VuLines—our native and performance technology that benefits both marketers and publishers alike.

If you want to learn more about our dashboard get the VuPulse overview. Prefer to chat with us? Shoot us a note.