Transforming Digital Marketing: Link IQ

Jason Wolfson Digital Marketing, Post-click optimization

If someone told you that every time you run a marketing or advertising campaign that you lose ~30% of your customers by sending them to a generic destination, would that get your attention? Chances are that statement alone got your attention, so let’s continue. CMSWire says that 41% consumers who had a very bad experience spent less with the company. The reason for the customer drop off is that everyone wants their entire digital existence personalized. Your emails to them are already addressed to them and the ads you send are relevant to them, so why not their post-click, path-to-conversion experience? Because until recently, nothing has been built for that piece of the digital puzzle. We’ve changed that in a big way with our Link IQ technology.

Link IQ is the brain that powers the VuPulse platform

Our intelligent URL can simply be dropped into any marketing tactic, campaign, and ad and activates everything that happens post-click—optimization, segmentation, and personalized path-to-conversion. Sounds pretty great right? Using Link IQ immediately does two things:

  1. Makes your marketing and ad creative live: this means that using a CTA, such as “Watch Now” or “Buy,” can generate real action from customers
  2. Once a customer clicks, our platform intelligence understands who they are and sends to where they prefer to watch, listen, play and shop

Link IQ segments everyone who engages with your marketing and advertising

The list includes but not limited to:

  • Preferred viewing destination (MVPD, Streaming, Online Retailer)
  • Online brick & mortar
  • Device type & brand
  • Operating system
  • Browser
  • Connection type
  • Geography
  • Density
  • Language
  • Home-based authentication status

As you can imagine all of this dramatically improves KPIs, reduces your spend, and gets you closer to the personalized customer experience everyone wants. How much so? Well let us show you:

  • 1-click to preferred destination: 95%+
  • Average cost per person delivered: 30% cheaper than campaigns without our tech
  • Average CTR: 2X+ higher than campaigns without our tech
  • Average CPA: .08

Nuff said.

Whether you’re a broadcast network looking for more viewers, a movie studio seeking more home release sales, or a gaming company wanting to boost sales, Link IQ inspires action, transforms your branding into performance, and delivers you real-time data. All of that to see we allow you to reach consumers in a more effective and efficient way.

Tune in for more on VuPulse. Next we’ll get into our post-click intelligence dashboard.

If you want to learn more about how we do it, get the VuPulse overview. Rather chat with us? Shoot us a note.