Inform Your Q4 Marketing With Our Q3 Intelligence Report

Jason Wolfson Reports

For those of you who have been following our company and reading our content, you’re aware of the type of tune-in advertising and marketing data that we capture. To those who are new: welcome. Please know that our platform captures and outputs a ton of unique user data for our customers. See this previous post on our dashboard for more context.

It’s Novemberwe know that you are cramming to squeeze every ounce of your brain, resources, and budget to deliver on Q4 and EOY goals. Ratings are sure to be a big piece of those goals, but you also may care about reaching more cord cutters, or what types of CTAs you should include in your Q4 digital buys and social campaigns.

Well consider that every campaign our customers run with us reaches hundreds of thousands of consumers, and each one of those consumers has a slightly nuanced preference data set. The amount of data is huge and the insights are even more telling.

All of this to say that we’ve scoured our database to put together the highlights of Q3.

A few key takeaways include:


  • 91%+ of consumers were sent to their preferred viewing destination in one click
  • Using actionable CTAs like “Watch Now” or “DVR” yields 2x higher CTR for VuPulse compared to non-VuPulse ads
  • Over ⅓ of our audience are millennials (who tend to be cord cutters)


Now others may be reluctant to share the rest of their results without getting you to fill out a form, but like our platform we make it easy for your to get where you want. Check out the full report below or click here to grab it.

If you want to round out your 2018 ratings with some help drop us a line.