Stretching Ad Dollars: New Year, Same Ole Budget Talk

Jason Wolfson budget

“This year’s motto is do more with less!”

As marketers you’ve heard it all. “Do more with less, do it yesterday with less, be more creative with less, try something new with less and oh, make sure what you spend is 100% attributable so we can track effectiveness of your ‘less’ spend.” Each year, budgets become tighter, while the goals and expectations continue to rise.

The number of choices marketers face these days is maddening – the platforms, Big Data, targeting, retargeting, email, websites, social…the list goes on for days. And ultimately you need to choose a mix that keeps the bosses happy and moves the needle for your business in a meaningful way (which are not necessarily mutually exclusive). Each of these choices can be excruciating whether you’re an agency or a marketing lead – the details, the ROI calculations.  Then after the spend you get caught in the data deluge. There’s a mountain of it and now you have to create your own spreadsheets, charts, drop the narrative into a PowerPoint to share with the masses to learn, make adjustments and of course justify your spend. Are we having fun yet?

Like you, we have to make those tough marketing and operations choices too. So let’s get right to it. (Because you know blogs aren’t done just for fun.) If you’re an agency or marketer in the television space keep reading…because we are about to explain how to stretch your ad dollars while remaining true to your overall digital strategy.

What’s the most important thing that you want to gain from digital?

Sounds like a simple question that you and your team has likely has countless meetings and presentations on, but it’s one that needs to be thought at a very basic level. What of the following resonates most?

  • Expand your network to a new audience
  • Increase digital views of your content
  • Boost both linear ratings and digital views
  • Improve the customer viewing experience

You likely want to accomplish all of them, but if you boil it down to a singular ethos it results in “using digital to get consumers to watch your content on any device, any platform, and in the most efficient manner humanly possible.” Connecting those dots from every digital touchpoint to getting viewers to watch your content is the ultimate goal. Now how do you achieve it?

Where we come in

At VuPulse we’ve been creating some pretty cool tech that stretches your ad dollars by making it even more effective – spend less and drive more measurable action! You pay a lot for audiences and we can help get those audiences to take meaningful action – yielding more live and delayed ratings – achieving that ethos mentioned above.

If all you’re doing is digital awareness, then you might want to hit your bookmark link and move on. But if you care about moving the needle for your network or TV show you should check out what we do. We take people right to their preferred location to watch or DVR your content. How do we do it?

In short, we connect disparate databases and real-time audience data to create a seamless and personalized user experience. From the moment you flip on your campaigns, for paid, owned, and earned media, our intelligence dashboard will inform you exactly what’s happening – in real-time.

We are super easy to implement, and you can be up and running in hours at mere cents per click. Imagine a ratings increase up to 22% and 10X more ad effectiveness on the ads you are already paying for. Sounds interesting right? Leave the marketers that bookmarked this post in the dust and let us help stretch your ad dollars. Our venture-backed company is growing like a stubborn weed with some marquee clients. Oh, and do you have one of those channel finder options on your website? We’ve got a new experience that will blow your socks off. And yes, it can be up and running in a few minutes with a simple line of code.


Give us a ring or drop us a note for a free trial.  Hope you had a Happy New Year and good luck out there!