Post-Click Technology Best Practices

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If you’ve read any of our blog posts, you know that we’re keen on the value of post-click technology for marketers. (ICYMI – post-click technology personalizes the customer journey after they click – giving you unique insights and actionable methods to retain and gain customers.) Most are so focused on the pre-click experience, they haven’t taken enough stock into what happens after consumers engage with your digital marketing and advertising.

For those of you who are already giving a damn about the post-click experience, or if you’re dipping your toes into the waters for the first time, you are in luck – we’ve got some tips and tricks for you to consider. Check them out below:


Post-Click Technology Best Practices

Use post-click technology across all digital touch points


Don’t discriminate or ignore any ad types, marketing tactics or platform types. By analyzing, segmenting, and routing everyone who clicks to their preferred place to watch and shop, your digital marketing will deliver like it should.

For example, use post-click urls on your email campaigns, DV360, AdWords & all of your organic social media efforts.

Test your CTAs


With technology that makes it easy to personally direct each individual customer, there’s more of a need to try varying CTAs, based on your various actions and customer types you want.

I.e., test out “Set Your DVR”, “Catch Up” & “Download the App” to better understand how viewers prefer to watch your content.

Remarket customers from post-click intelligence


The more you use post-click technology, the more you learn about your customers’ preferences. Drop pixels on every campaign and use to retarget existing customers and build lookalikes to reach new consumers.

Post-click unlocks walled gardens! Take advantage of the ability to understand your audience and easily re-engage clickers to remind them to watch or buy your content.

Empower your talent to boost conversions

Your talent has arguably a stronger social following than you do, so use ‘em. Give them post-click tools to drive conversion KPIs.

Whether it’s a series premiere, a home movie release or a proactive attempt to drive DVRing an entire season, let your stars shine and make their social posts truly intelligent.

Validate your various databases with post-click technology


You no longer need to blindly trust your 3rd party data providers. Leverage a post-click platform to ensure that the audiences you’re purchasing for your digital ads are in fact who you want them to be.


We’re not just pulling these tips out of thin air. We’ve seen these best practices work with our entertainment clients. Like any new technology, there comes intrigue and some skepticism. Our recommendation is to give post-click technology a whirl, and utilize the toolkit above to get the most from it. Applying these post-click technology best practices will make you a rockstar and take your results to new heights.

Below’s a snapshot of the best practices in a pretty PDF for you to review and share with your colleagues. If you want the full file click here to snag it.

If you’d like to learn more about VuPulse and how we can make the above easy for you, drop us a line.