[Moguldom Exclusive] VuPulse CEO Leads The Post-Click Intelligence Charge

Jason Wolfson News

Artificial intelligence and data analytics are increasingly used to segment campaigns for personalized and behavioral marketing. Brands are relying more than ever on technology to get the highest return on investment for their marketing budgets. However it’s all been focused on everything before the click. Enter post-click intelligence.

Kevin Hill, our fearless leader, Founder, and everything in between, believes he and our team have built a platform that delivers a unique, post-click intelligence solution to dramatically increase the effectiveness of ads.

A Yale graduate with more than 20 years of corporate experience, Kevin bet on himself. “I knew I wanted to bet on myself and see if I can build something big and meaningful for my family,” he told Moguldom. And after hearing “no” more than 100 times before eventually finding his first investors, he has now found believers in New World Angels, Florida Funders, and Bridge Angel Investors.

To learn more about Kevin’s path, as well as the approach to VuPulse, check out his interview with Moguldom. The entire piece can be found here.

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