[AdExchanger Exclusive] Cross-Channel Attribution: A Bad Idea That Gets Worse With Time

Jason Wolfson Uncategorized

Sure, we’d love to be able to tell you that attribution has been solved and all your marketing and ROI worries are done and gone.

Well, you obviously know that isn’t true. Unfortunately, however, it will probably never be true.

While that is quite glib, some real talk is needed when it comes to attribution.

Yes, the industry evolved with the rapid changes and developed smart concepts such as single-source (last-click) attribution, fractional attribution and, most promisingly, algorithmic attribution. But the reality is, we’ve been waiting and are still waiting for true, cross-channel attribution to happen in a meaningful way.

This piece isn’t meant to be doom and gloom; rather an opportunity for us to get our heads out of the clouds and further innovate in making attribution what everyone wants it to be – accurate.

Read the full op-ed from VuPulse Founder and CEO Kevin Hill here.

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