[Forbes Exclusive] In The Age Of Transparency, MVPDs Must Knock Down Their Data Walls

Jason Wolfson News

For decades, MVPDs have been keeping viewership data secret from TV networks and movie studios. While the reason is clear, to keep the MVPD revenue shares of linear, video on demand and digital ad inventory has high as possible, it has caused a massive migration by both programmers and consumers.

Couple that with the current state of advertising transparency, and it is time for MVPDs to knock down their data walls once and for all. MVPDs have an opportunity to layout a mutually beneficial change as their businesses continue to evolve, but it will take some convincing an old dog some new tricks.

Our own Jason Wolfson, with experience on both the MVPD and technology sides of the industry, gives his passionate take on why data visibility is long overdue and how MVPDs can benefit from the transcendent shift in this Forbes exclusive. Read the full piece here.

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