[Adrants] RIP The Video Completion Rate Metric

Jason Wolfson News

We’ve reached the end – it’s finally time to acknowledge that video completion rate (or VCR) is no longer useful. Sure, for many years since the metric was first introduced, agencies and marketers alike have relied on the VCR standard as a way to assure brands and clients that they have, in fact, proved that a set of eyeballs were engaged and we had their attention for the duration of a video. It seemed logical. The metric would weed out accidental clicks to video links and players. It would also weed out casual viewers who only watched the first 10 or 15 seconds of a video and moved on. But that was about as much assurance that the platforms had delivered our messages to a large number of eyeballs, as we were going to receive.

Put in the simplest of terms, video completion rate does not equal results and success. Not even close. There’s too much of an emphasis on middle of the funnel metrics by agencies. Why? Quite simple – it’s the one thing that they can confidently report on. Unfortunately, cable and TV providers want to see how their campaigns are actually driving viewership.

VuPulse Founder and CEO Kevin Hill divulges on the major missteps being taken by many who lean on VCR and offers insight and valuable advice for those who rely on TV networks to drive their business.

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